• FULL TRUCKLOAD/ LONG HAUL: We offer our clients flexible, efficient full truckload (FTL) transportation services throughout Canada and the United States. We have a capacity to cover any distance and cross every Canada-US border.With the individual tracking system for trucks and trailers, it becomes simple to update our customer about the driver’s location. Our fleet is operated by skilled, experienced, and highly trained drivers who will represent our company with the utmost professionalism.
  • LESS THAN TRUCKLOAD (LTL): Our dedicated fleet provides top-tier services for truckload and multi-stop deliveries across North America. Customers can choose between single or team drivers to increase efficiency and reduce costs. We always have safety in the mind. We keep your freight safe by ensuring you have a safe drivers driving safe equipment.
  • DEDICATED/EXPEDITED: NAVI LOGISTICS owns well-maintained high grade equipment (less than 5 years old). Our modern fleet of logistics creates a safe and secure environment for all types of products. We even take extra step of outfitting our equipment with E-Logs that increase responsible driving. NAVI LOGISTICS provides expedited service anywhere and anytime in North America. We guarantee that your shipment will arrive on time, whether it’s a single pallet or a full truckload. Our company uses cutting edge route, and precise internal systems to improve deliver rates and minimize delays.